Your Carlsbad Home Appraiser

The Most Important Person In Your Transaction?

Of course, it’s easy to say that a house’s true worth is whatever another person is willing to pay for it. That’s true as far as it goes. However, it’s more likely that your Carlsbad real estate is worth what a bank appraiser says it’s worth, and not a penny more. The reasons for that aren’t always obvious.

No One Overpays For A House

Imagining your potential buyers is how most sellers think about selling their house. That’s useful but off-topic for determining the sales price. You have to stage your house to appeal to potential buyers after you’ve determined the sales price. The sales price determines whom to expect among the pool of potential buyers, not the other way around. Carlsbad homes will sell for what it’s worth no matter who the buyer is. Wealthy people won’t overpay for real estate any more than regular people will.

The Home Appraiser Works For The Bank

Here’s where the informed opinion of the Carlsbad home appraiser comes in. No matter who buys your house, it’s almost certain that they’ll finance the purchase with a conventional mortgage. In order to get that mortgage, your house has to appraise for the sales price. Period. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you’ve put into the appearance and features of your house if the appraiser doesn’t value them as highly as you do. Since the appraiser works for the bank that will be underwriting the mortgage, not directly for the prospective buyer, even the buyer’s opinion of what your house is worth becomes irrelevant.

I Can Help

I am motivated and skilled and will be immensely useful to you in assessing the value of your house and then advising you on the best way to prepare and stage your home for a quick sale. Even though REALTOR’s® don’t have direct access to the appraisal that a bank will use to determine a home’s value, the number one factor used by appraisers when determining a home’s value is close comparable recent sales in the Carlsbad area. That’s information I do have access to and can use to help you peg the price for your Carlsbad home as close to the market as possible.

Underpriced Might Be As Bad As Overpriced

If your Carlsbad real estate is valued appropriately for the market and staged nicely for the pool of prospective buyers that will view it, you’re likely to receive more than one offer on your home at the same time. That’s not a sign that your home was underpriced. Underpricing your home has the same effect as overpricing does. It makes lenders nervous about lending on the property, and buyers wondering what’s wrong with the property.

Remember, if you get more than one offer on your Carlsbad home, we will discuss discarding any offers that don’t have solid financing in place, even if they’re higher offers. Only offers that “appraise out” are solid offers. Contact me for free market analysis and you can also instantly see an approximation of your home value.

~ Cherie Young ~

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