Why Won’t Your Carlsbad Home Sell?

Carlsbad homes for sale in two words – HOT MARKET! If you’re a seller, you can look forward to many potential buyers as the market continues to pick up steam. But what happens if you list your house for sale and no one comes to see it, or they tour the home but don’t make an offer? Perhaps you’ve already listed your Carlsbad house for sale, but you haven’t received an offer, and you’re wondering why your house is hanging on the market while everyone else’s disappears from the listings in just a few weeks. Is it time for a new Carlsbad real estate agent? It’s possible that your agent isn’t doing their job, but it’s more likely that the information you need to sell your house is available right now, and just needs to be analyzed. Why won’t anyone buy your house?

A Steady Stream Of Traffic Without Offers

If you’ve had a lot of potential buyers look at your Carlsbad home, but haven’t received any offers, that’s not usually a sign that your REALTOR® isn’t doing their job. A steady stream of traffic is one of the most important parts of a REALTOR’s® service, and you’re getting it. I will assure that your home receives a steady stream of traffic and drive local, national and international buyers to your home.

The Real Estate Customer Is Always Right

We ask what buyers are saying when they’re touring your home. While buyers are often reserved about their true opinions of a house they’re touring because they think showing too much enthusiasm for a home will make it harder for them to negotiate a price, they’re generally not shy about pointing out things that bother them. That’s vital information for homeowners, and gives you a chance to address these concerns if you can to increase the appeal of your home. If everyone who tours your house hates the carpet or some other easily remedied cosmetic attribute, change it. If some aspect of the house’s design or the way it sits on its site is lacking, but they’re too major an element to fix, try softening their impact instead. If you’re too close to the street, you can put up a fence or a hedge, or if a room is too small, you can remove clutter to make its seem bigger. We will use the feedback that your home is getting to get buyers interested in making an offer.

~ Cherie Young ~

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