Does a New Carlsbad Home Equal an Improved Sex Life?


They say that the greatest aphrodisiac out there is confidence. The better you feel about yourself, the better your loved one is going to feel about you too. There’s nothing sexy about a person who has low self-esteem.

One great way to bolster your confidence is with a new Carlsbad home. For one, it should put a real feather in your cap as locking down a Carlsbad house can be a real challenge. Secondly, it’s the Carlsbad home you want, which is bound to put a skip in your step. Thirdly, this home probably takes care of a lot of problems you had in the past with your other house. Now that those problems aren’t weighing on your mind throughout the day, you can focus on being confident.


Another turn-on for most people is intelligence. By making the right financial choice where your home is concerned, it’s hard not to feel like your brain grew a bit. Any lover is going to be drawn to that type of intellect.

Of course, this also leads back to the first aspect. Who doesn’t feel good about themselves when they also feel intelligent? With this momentous decision locked away and made for all the right reasons, you’re definitely going to feel more confident than you have before.

Be sure you consider all the ways a home purchase can be an intelligent choice too. Look for things like energy-efficient options and reliable fixtures so you’re saving even more money down the road.

Get a Fresh Start

By moving into a new home in Carlsbad, you’ll also automatically feel like hitting the re-start button on your sex drive. This can be for a number of reasons, but one will probably have to do with how much stuff you end up getting rid of. De-cluttering your Carlsbad property can be a lot of fun to do with your partner and bring you closer together. All that foreplay usually only amounts to one thing.

Buying New Furniture

Speaking of which, most new homes also mean new furniture. So now ‘s the time to get busy thinking about the items you’ll want to get busy on. From couches to the bed itself, this can also be a very fun way to begin revamping your sex drive. Once you purchase all your necessary items, you’ll definitely want to test them out.

Always Consider Your Partner

First, never buy Carlsbad real estate because you want more or better sex. That’s a pretty expensive gamble. So make sure you talk the idea through with your spouse so you know what to expect. Also, don’t automatically assume this new house will lead to sex. Talk these issues through with your loved one to ensure you’ll both enjoy the move and all the moves that follow.

Buying a new home in Carlsbad is always a big step, but it can be a lot of fun. This is especially true when such a financial action leads to more action in the bed.

~ Cherie Young ~ 

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